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Positions at this location

Payroll Accountant

This position is from the Guelph, ON office location and NOT remote. 


The Payroll Accountant is responsible for processing salary payments to the clients and their employees. Their responsibilities include calculating salaries, calculating overtime earnings, and updating employee hiring or termination information on the payroll system, and preparing internal and external tax reports. They may also conduct self-internal audits.  To ensure success as a payroll accountant, you should demonstrate knowledge of applicable tax laws and ideally have experience in a similar role. A first-class payroll accountant will be detail-oriented and someone who can accurately and timely process salaries.

Your deep and strong knowledge of payroll legislation and processes is essential. The system used is only a tool, but it does not replace the knowledge the individual has; with that said, we use various systems to process payroll and other services for our clients.


Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Correspond with the clients using provided company communication channels as necessary to receive information, authorization, investigations, adjustments, and inquires or confirmation to process payroll. 
  • Implement, maintain, and review payroll processing and accounting systems to ensure timely and accurate processing of payroll transactions including salaries, benefits, garnishments, taxes, and other deductions.
  • Ensure accurate and timely processing of payroll updates including new hires, terminations, and changes to pay rates.
  • Prepare and maintain accurate records and reports of payroll transactions.
  • Complete client requests for additional system configuration based on the client’s needs and requirements.
  • Review, analyze, and verify payroll reports and documents.
  • Respond to external agencies including any government or regulatory authority in conjunction with the in-country providers
  • Prepare pay statements, invoices, and direct deposit register, and validate reports
  • Distribute pay stubs electronically to clients or clients’ employees
  • Help customers remain payroll compliant and provide applicable payroll compliance information. When applicable direct customers to the appropriate government resources.
  • Assist the accounting team with customer reconciliations.
  • Prepare and transmit customer information updates and releases.
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local payroll, wage, and hour laws and best practices.
  • Facilitate audits by providing records and documentation to auditors.
  • Stay current with Payroll, compensation, and time off regulations / law changes.

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